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The Elements of Style Illustrated

This style manual offers practical advice on improving writing skills. Throughout the emphasis is on promoting a plain English style. This little book can help your students communicate more effectively by showing them how to enliven their sentences

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The only style manual ever to appear on bestseller lists has explained to millions of readers the basic principles of plain English.

The book’s mantra – make every word tell – is still on point.

Whether seventeen or seventy, this much-loved classic, now in its fourth edition, will forever be the go-to guide when in need of a hint on how to make a turn of phrase clearer, or a reminder on how to enliven prose with the active voice. Kalman’s exquisite illustrations give the revered work a jolt of new energy, making the learning experience more colourful and clear.

The Elements of Style Illustrated will come to be known as the definitive, must-have edition.

The Elements of Style Illustrated


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